Another very own video from Phil Hartshorn, “Seeking the Bridge” features Cichon’s Wing Chun and Sifu Russell Cichon!


Phil writes:

Thank you Sifu Russ for being a part of this. Check out our website and stop by the school:

Sifu Russell Cichon was trained by Ip Ching, the son of Yip Man. I am one of his many intermediate students.

At its heart, I consider this to be an examination of what it means to train yourself to kill with no intention of harming anyone. In a world where masculinity is already buried and the terms of honor are all but forgotten, where are the lines drawn between friendly sparring and all out fighting, especially between friends? What identity and fulfillment can one find toiling away at something they will most likely never use?

Music experts: I’m really just getting into music composition. Feedback would be great.

Much of this was shot on the Canon 7D with 50mm f/1.8 lens.