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Nghe bài hát LOSER – Chad Future

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Ký hiệu trên trán cô gái chính là biểu tượng của Loser. Nhưng khoan đừng buồn khi có người làm ký hiệu này với bạn, hãy coi thất bại lần này là một động lực để bạn tiếp tục chiến đấu tiếp.

Music Produced by Danny Score
Mix Engineer Daniel Braunstein
Recorded at DB Music Studios Los Angeles, California
Graphic Design by Naomi Dale

Co-Director: Luke An
Co-Director: Garret Laver
Producer: Naomi Dale
Assistant Producer: Anika Khan

Special Thanks:
Kimberly Goodnight @MediaPlayPR
Azul by Moussy @Azulbymoussyusa
Bravery For All @BraveryforAll
Love Is Earth @LVRTH
Iota Cafe @iotabrewcafe
SPX Shoes

Original English Lyrics By Chad Future and Preston Knight

Loser, lonely me, faking tough, and cowardly
selfish wannabe, In the mirror you’re
Just a Loser, oddity, punk delinquent tragedy
trash out in the street. In the mirror I– I’m a

V1 (Chad Future)
Ya wouldn’t tell me when I asked you baby what’s up
Blinded by your kindness falling like a sucka
And I think you owed it, to tell me somethin
The guy who gave you everything I guess you should’ve known it
Not on and on, cause ya pack your bags and hit the door
Should of known about your problems when I said Hello
“He’s just a Friend Don’t Worry Im Coming Home”
Felt Dead, regretting love I wasted, now I’m all alone

HOOK (Preston Knight)
At some point I gave up yeah
And I started to make my life this lonely mess
its hard to breathe out in the cold
So I hold out my hand feeling for love, but love wont hold it back
Im a–

Loser, lonely me, faking tough, a cowardly
selfish Wannabe, In the mirror you’re
Just a Loser, oddity, punk delinquent tragedy
trash out in the street. In the mirror I’m im a

V2 (Chad Future)
Kinda tough when people judge your life because they dont get you
They take your name and drag it through the mud try to stick you
hate me cuz they know inside
I was them not living my
dream and since the day I tried they’re dying to get to
The person in my mind that I’m dying to be
Through the music in my mind that I’m dying to sing
But I guess I should quit, just say it, “I’m going home”
and become the type of person that nobody wanna know…

Bridge (Preston Knight)
And the sin that found me just aint letting go
to this sad child In the mirror I see
I want to say goodbye
And I hope its not too late for me show
That you’ll always be what I needed, but truth is you should go

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